Denise Maitan – Visual effects artist, animator and illustrator. CGD Certified.

Hi, I’m Denise. I’m an animator, vfx artist and art director. I have over 15 years of experience, and have worked on many cool projects for film, television, ad campaigns, and more.

Demo Reels

an orange cat with a chefs hat floats into the air, powered by healthy food
Animation Reel
a woman with flowing scarf overlooks winnipeg's river skating trail
Broadcast Visual FX Reel

Career Highlights

24 Industry Awards: Projects I’ve worked on that won local, national and international awards

08 Animation Department: Show openings, graphics, animation and VFX for TV shows

02 Museum Exhibits: Contributed to two installations at the CMHR

01 Short Film: Written, directed and produced

A few organizations I’ve worked with:

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